I don’t draw males ever  e ver EVER SO I M RLLY PROUD WITH THIS W.I.P.

Ne, I have learned that yourself in an apron can be considered a very acceptable gift Leon-san~!

             ”Huh? Really? People like that shit? Like, just a regular ol’ apron?”



"GREAT! So that makes us what, flatmates? I dunno what to DO with you, though.

I mean, you’re NOT a hot chick or anything. Boys are weird. I know I am.”

He is not gong to dwell on his boyfriend much, is he. 

"If I start hanging with you, people might think we’re a thing or something, Eugh."

               ”Flatmates, yeah, sure. — Do with me? What the fuck does that mean? Should I be concerned?”
                           He was always concerned when it came to the other anyway.
                    “A— who said anythin’ ‘bout bein’ a thing! Can’t people just assume we’re friends or somethin’?!”

                “What do ya’ get someone yer interested in for their birthday that happens to be today and ya’ didn’t find out till this mornin’?”

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Title: Heart Shaped Box
Artist: Nirvana
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Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box Lullaby


              “… God bless this day bein’ fuckin’ over.” He’s already feeling the hangover hit strong. Goodnight. 



"You got a house? Like, an actual place to stay? If you don’t mind me hauling my shit over to your place, we can do this.

And by ‘my shit’ I mean gloomy’s manuscripts and junk. You know.”

              “An apartment. And yeah, I can’t live on the damn streets. ‘Course I don’t mind ya’ bringing’ yer shit over. No biggies.”


         The nickname that followed him everywhere in life brought a sigh from the raven. Dark eyes watched carefully as he was shimmied away from then flopped upon. The whole action left Sasuke flat on his back with his arms spread on either of his sides. 

         ”Oi, get off Kuwata. You’re heavy.” A slight blush tinted his cheeks at the closeness that they were sharing. Damn him, they were only playing around. He shouldn’t be embarrassed. It’s not like he wasn’t used to being so close to Leon. 


                    Despite the other’s request to remove him, it only pushed Leon to begin rocking from side to side, “Oi, oi, oi.” Yes, he was mocking him like a child, along with the immature snickering. Something was just comical about the word ‘oi’ and it always made him giddy like the five year old he is. It also tended to remind him of his first not-boyfriend. 

               With a bit more squirming, he rotated himself so his body was properly on top of the raven’s, resting his cheek upon his chest, “‘m callin’ a truce. Let’s just stay like this, okay?”