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☏ What is the most challenging aspect of playing this muse?

its not necessarily challenging but leon is a very very thirsty child and to play a character that just constantly is looking for sex makes it seem like all i ever want to do is smut, which isnt true. whats also difficult is that the way my leons story goes, it gets confusing sometimes bc its hard to figure out what things happen in what parts of his life— like the whole transition from baseball player to musician and junk 


Munday Questions.

❤ How long have you been RPing?

❥ How long have you been RPing this character?

유 Who was your first muse?

♋ What drew you to this muse?

☮ Is there anything you don’t like about playing this muse?

✌ What is the easiest aspect of playing this muse?

☏ What is the most challenging aspect of playing this muse?

☢ How many active muses do you have?

☠ Who is a muse you would want to play?

☤ What do you have in common with your muse?

☑ What are the biggest differences between you and your muse?

♚ Do you and your muse get along?

▲ Of the two of you, who is more mature, you or your muse?

♪ Are you comfortable playing your muse?

✈ Is it easier to write angst, fluff, or crack with your muse?

⌚ Is it easier for you to write as canon characters or OCs?

happy munday ft leorio

               ”It’s too fuckin’ cold with the AC and too hot without it. I hate this weather.” 

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"You are my getaway, you are my favorite place."

           ”Yer gettin’ all soft on me, huh? I like it.” 

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"I’m so sick of waiting ‘til I’m eighteen."

          “Soon, my lil’ child. Eighteen ain’t so great. Besides like… legal drinkin’ and sex and shit.”

Sentence Meme: 5SOS Lyrics

  • "You look so perfect standing there in my American apparel underwear.”
  • "I made a promise that I’ll come home soon."
  • "Tell me where you’re hiding your voodoo doll ‘cause I can’t control myself."
  • "He treats you so bad and I’m so good to you it’s not fair."
  • "How did we end up talking in the first place?"
  • "Let’s seize the day, let’s run away."
  • "Give me the green light, we could have all night."
  • "I’m just a sucker for anything that you do."
  • "When he says those words that hurt you, do you read the ones I wrote you?"
  • "You are my getaway, you are my favourite place."
  • "And I’m afraid that I might been losing you."
  • "This ain’t a movie I want to see, a tragic story staring you and me."
  • "Go ahead rip my heart out if you think that’s what love’s all about."
  • “‘Cause without you I’m a lost boy.”
  • "Good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught."
  • "I need you to need me to stay."
  • "It hurts to know you’re happy, it hurts that you’ve moved on"
  • "This deadbeat town’s only here to bring us down."
  • "Won’t you please stop loving me to death?"
  • "Kiss me and tell me that I’ll see you again."
  • "Call me lucky ‘cause in the end I’m a six and she’s a ten."
  • "I’m so sick of waiting ‘til I’m eighteen."
  • "You’re just a little bit out of my limit."
  • "Are we wasting time talking on a broken line?"
  • "It’s not a secret that I’m just a reject."
  • "All you gotta do is tell me right now, you want me right now."
  • "I bite my tongue but I wanna scream out you could be with me now."
  • "Through the tears I can hear that I shouldn’t have gone."
  • "I wanna get lost and drive forever with you."
  • "I can’t remember the last time I heard your voice."
  • "It’s been two years now you haven’t even seen the best of me."
  • "Is anybody there who can rescue somebody like me?"
  • "I don’t wanna be another social casualty."
  • "I don’t even like you, why’d you want to go and make me feel this way?"
  • "I wish that I could wake up with amnesia."



"I believe that if you were to accomplish such an improbable task you would just injure yourself."

            “Is it worth it? I think it’s worth it.”

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do it just live a little

             viva la pumkin

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"I don’t think that is possible."

            “Watch me.”

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